Brothers of The Starry Night

Looking for Mad crazy geniuses types, cavalier artist, dreamers, poetic souls and adventures wanted; Elders and young men a like! Us we are a Collective of crazy fun men we meet I-group in the box (Zoom meeting) and out of the BOX– real life for shared group activities.

Come experience the brotherhood and share in support with men of this extraordinary league of fine gentlemen a with lot of Elder wow!!

Our vision is an independent search for truth, fun and maybe personal growth. we plan to do a lot of Mini one night virtual learning lectures, sharing circles, out of country guest speakers and odd bits as members of the collective purpose and agree in meeting and out on the land gatherings, swimming lodge, caving and just plain Howling at the Mooon!!! extra WE MEAN IT FUN and Adventure.

What do you have to offer and are you willing to get deep… in sand muck and what knots?

Open to every man. Meet randomly for group events and I-circles, By Zoom most Thursday at 6:30 pm- 8:30 as scheduled and interested.

Contact Ipswa at 1-250-753-9867 24/7 you can text or Facebook me too.