Mankind Project BC Complaint Process

Definitions: The party(ies) making the complaint will be known as the Complainant(s).
The party(ies) being complained about will be known as the Complainee(s). Mankind Project British Columbia (MKP BC) and the person designated to process the complaint will be known as the Respondent.

MKP BC is committed to encouraging functional relationships and resolving issues, if possible. The purpose of this Complaint Process is to give members of the public or members of MKP BC a confidential mechanism to submit complaints and/or concerns about members of MKP BC, its leadership or the organization itself.

The designated MKP BC Respondent will confidentially review submitted complaints and discuss with Complainant to gather more information or clarification and understand the goals of the Complainant. Various remedies will be discussed and several attempts to resolve the issue will be made. If an acceptable resolution is not reached, the Complainant may request escalation to a board sub-committee and then to the whole board of directors. Our goal is resolve all complaints in a timely manner in the best way possible for all parties involved.

Information gathered as part of a submission and/or complaint is protected and held confidential in various ways depending on the nature of the complaint. This Complaint Process is not meant to replace provincial legislation which requires mandatory reporting if someone is at risk of imminent harm. If imminent harm is suspected or criminal intent or occurrence is present, the Complainant is advised to immediately contact the appropriate authorities


Complaint Process Steps

  1. Fully complete Complaint Submission Form below or choose Request Phone Call option. Note: Incomplete submissions may result in processing delays.
  2. The MKP BC Respondent will contact you within one week.
  3. Have all facts ready and shareable with the MKP BC Respondent.


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