Dark Horse Men's Support Group in New Westminster

Check us out and experience “doing the work” of sitting with men and find out how profoundly alive, successful, inspired and grounded you can be.

Dark Horse Men’s Group is a men’s support group run by ManKind Project British Columbia, part of a worldwide organization of nearly 70,000 men helping men be better men.

We accept everyone identifying as male from every ethnic background, religious and spiritual perspective, and sexual orientation. Everybody. Yes, you too. 

Our meetings are fun, inspirational, confidential and a great way to improve your life.

Come experience the camaraderie of brotherhood and share in support with new men at this extraordinary league of fine gentlemen!

May this circle of men be a place of ease and grace mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This is a call out to ALL of you new to men’s self-growth work and also to you who have graduated from the New Warrior Adventure Training weekend or other ManKind Project trainings. 

New Quarterly Meeting Series Ongoing both In-Person and Online

Dark Horse Men’s Group is excited to announce two meetings per week. Now you can attend our men’s meetings both online and in-person.

Online: Tuesday Evenings on Zoom
We are pleased to continue our highly successful and useful weekly Online Dark Horse Men’s Group Meetings on Zoom but moving forward the meetings will be held on Tuesday evenings. The Zoom session opens at 6:30pm Pacific and the meeting starts promptly at 6:45pm running to 9:30pm. This online men’s group meeting has been well attended throughout the pandemic and men from all over North America are in attendance. The meetings are being led by committed and experienced men who focus on making the meetings safe, confidential, meaningful, and fun. Every person identifying as male is welcome and no experience is required to attend.

Click here to get the Tuesday meeting Zoom link sent to you. Reserve your free ticket at EventBrite. 


In-Person: Wednesday Evenings in New Westminster, BC
Join us every Wednesday evening Dark Horse Men’s Group In-Person Meetings at Queens Avenue United Church, 529 Queens Avenue, New Westminster on Wednesday evenings

Register on EventBrite.  Only those with a free ticket from EventBrite will be admitted to the meeting.

Doors open at 6:30pm Pacific time. Meeting starts promptly at 6:45pm and ends at 9:30pm. Attendance at your first meeting is free. Ongoing, meeting fees are pay-by-the-meeting $10  – $20 sliding scale or $100 membership for the entire 3 month series. Money an issue? We never turn men away over money. Come anyways!


Helping Men Be Better Men

ManKind Project BC is part of a world-wide not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping men be better men. We facilitate over 10,000 weekly men’s support groups, also known as “I-Groups” or Integration Groups. We also offer trainings for men inperson and online like the New Warrior Training Adventure, Primary Integration Training, Integration Group Facilitation Training, The Men’s Work, Crossroads, and many more. 


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