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Woman Within

Woman Within Circles are a space unlike any other. So often in life, when we express ourselves we are met with judgment, advice or someone trying to “fix” us. Circles provide a space for women to be truly authentic, to be heard and to be received with acceptance and a deep level of understanding. In circle, we have the opportunity to explore who we are and who we want to be, and nourish ourselves through all the ups and downs of life. Join a circle today and deepen self-awareness, confidence and intuitive wisdom.

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Inner Yaga Foundation

Ancient and renewing, women have gathered in circle for thousands of years. A Yaga Circle offers a structured time that uses ritual, shared intention and the many Yaga processes to create safety, and deep honesty. This is a powerful place for women to call home. Central to the existence of Inner Yaga, your Circle is where the work you begin in the Inner Yaga Training reaches full expression.