Primary Integration Training

Do you want to recharge your I-Group? Do you want to get more out of your I-Group? Do you want to take on more leadership roles in your I-Group?

If you answered yes to any of these and you have already done the NWTA New Warrior Training Adventure, then PIT – Primary Integration Training is for you.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Learn about and practice key I-Group processes in each round
  • Learn the full Framework for running a 4-round I-Group from start to finish
  • Practice groundwork for creating a safe and brave space for including men from different backgrounds
  • Work through core I-Group processes like Checking In, the Shield, Accountability, Charges & Clearings, the ‘Work Round,’ and Closing the Circle, Man-In-The-Mirror, and Bucketing
  • Take a deep dive into the foundations of MKP, including archetypes, shadow, and mission.

You’ll experience the processes yourself and have a chance to facilitate other men in small groups.

 PIT Autumn 2023— Two Parts: Zoom & Weekend Inperson Intensive Combo

Part 1— Online on Zoom: Monday October 16 and October 23, 2023,  7pm to 9:30pm
Part 2— Inperson Intensive Weekend: Friday October 27 @ 6:30pm to Sunday October 29 @ 1pm.

The certified trainers for PIT Phil Lyall, Millan Patel, and Cory Bretz reviewed the results of the most recent PIT Survey sent to BC NWTA grads. More than 60% wanted an intensive inperson weekend training and another 28% wanted a hybrid training with some online and some inperson. Given that weekend intensive trainings often result in some of the valuable content in the PIT curriculum being skipped or assigned as after-course homework, we’ve decided to run a two part combo of both models.

PIT Training to be offered this autumn will be two online Zoom classes on Monday October 16 and 23, 2023 from 7pm to 9:30pm Pacific. Then on the weekend of October 27-29 an inperson intensive training event will take place in Chemainus, BC on Vancouver Island. The exact times are after dinner Friday October 27 6:30pm to 9:30pm, Saturday October 28 8am to 9pm, and Sunday October 29 9am to 1pm.

The venue for the inperson intensive training is still to be determined and we are exploring BNBs and other venues in and around Cowichan.

The training fee for participants is $225.

Register below and also use the PayPal button below to pay your participant fees.

There are several openings for PIT Grads who want to step up as staff. There’s no participant fee for staff men and you’ll get practice mentoring and leading.

Questions? Comments?

Contact Cory Bretz at 778-887-7446 or by email.

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