April 6, 2017

The day I moved out of Phoenix, Arizona I remember looking back and telling myself my life was great. No more problems. No more drugs, no more violence, and no more life drama. The day I left Utah and moved back to Phoenix I remember feeling the relief of no more drugs, no more violence, and no more life drama. I got to feel that feeling all 9 times I moved across 6 different states. All 72 change of address forms, every finger print station, and a criminal record in every state had the same feeling. A new start. Get out of jail then start over.

Then came the year 2000. In a drunken stupor the mother of my kids told me that we had to move far away, get married, and that I had to get clean or I would never see her or my kids again. Three days later we moved 2,400 miles to Massachusetts. I met a man at a 12 step meeting who told me about the New Warrior Training. I was skeptical, but I trusted the man who invited me. In November of 2000 I was initiated.

Since my NWTA I have had two addresses. I moved 6 years after being here during my peaceful divorce. All four of my kids are in my life abundantly today. I am clean, sober, and nonviolent since 2000. The work of the ManKind Project saved my family. The dedication and passion of men saved my life. Today my family proudly supports the work I do. They know first hand the impact we have in the world.

I really do have a say in how I want to live my life. Accountability can exist. Integrity is amazing. Authenticity is every bit as great as it sounds.