March 27, 2017

I initiated in 1994 with my brother Corky. In 1995 we brought our father Herb to a weekend. He was 67 years old and had done a lot of internal work in his life. Jim Coleman facilitated his work and had the wisdom to recognize that he had been around the block. His guts work was to tell a love story of our mothers passing and what he did to grieve and move through his loss. The entire room was bawling. When he entered the New Warrior community he took on the role as ideal father for many men. When he became ill with cancer, that is when I became fully aware of what this community meant to me. Men literally carried me through his death. The outpouring support for him and our entire family was and still is one of the most profound expressions of love I have ever experienced. I am eternally grateful to all the New Warriors that have taught, shaped and evolved me into the man I am today.