April 6, 2017

I came to the NWTA at age 48, knowing that what ever it was in me that I wanted to connect to, I couldn’t do it alone (believe me I’d tried). My life experiences had me believing I was being squeezed out of shape and displaced by a mad world and that I was battling for a sane space in it. I was blown away by the whole experience because I could see each process was beautifully insightful metaphor for some aspect my life. It help me put a context and framework to view my internal landscape to build meaning. Most importantly I saw for the first time that I was not alone in my struggle for meaning – other men knew the same territory, those being trained, the staff and the creators of the weekend.

About MKP iGroup Men’s Groups: Meeting with men on a fortnightly basis has been invaluable to me in self-discovery and identifying my patterns of behaviour in a safe and mutually supportive circle. This is particularly because these things show up most in everyday life and can be looked at just like taking the car to a garage when something odd shows up; a noise, rattle or more serious.