2021 AGM

Announcing the Mankind Project Annual General Meeting for 2021 Wednesday, April 14th, 5:30-7pm Attend via zoom, nominate and vote on new members! More info contact Millan Patel or David Stegman  
Healthy Masculinity – Huffington Post

Healthy Masculinity – Huffington Post

Guest post by Craig Comstock – Author of Enlarging Our Comfort Zones (2016) Seven men have been back in our valley for a few days after an intensive weekend training. They call each other “brothers,” though they’re not from the same family of origin. They are...

Ready to awaken the man you want to be?

You made it here. That’s a really great start. You may be feeling ready to make a change, shake things up, or continue the positive path of growth that you’re on. Today we all face serious challenges. Men are faced with tough questions about what it means,...